Poesia compostable pods
Poesia compostable pods

Poesia compostable pods

Espresso coffee with a sweet blend and a delicate and creamy body. Pleasant and attractive cocoa aftertaste. Box of 100 pods.
Prezzo unitario: € 0.208 / pod - 100 pods
Product description

This is a sweet espresso blend with subtle body and creamy head. Sweet aroma with pleasant floral and fruity notes, light and pleasant after-taste and hazelnut colour. It has a pleasant and inviting cocoa after-taste. Box of 100 pods.
Armonia coffee blend selected by hand, and hand-roasted. Packaged in a compostable paper single-dose pod compatible with the ESE44 system in a protective atmosphere.


Every coffee single origin is individually roasted to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of each single coffee bean selected by us.


Once roasted and blended, coffee beans are selected manually to express the quality we have always sought in all products.