Macchina cialde CIAO

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The innovative and appealing shapes, small size Ciao; the espresso coffee machine for pods, an ideal solution for office and home use.

The reduced wattage ensures significant savings of electric consumption.

The new patented Self-Cleaning Hydraulic System removes all inconveniences caused by lime scale in the coffee unit.

The central "cloche" closing system permits a great stability, an optimal group closing, and therefore a better coffee infusion.

The galvanized steel bearing frame gives strength and prevents rust from forming; the ABS side cover allows an easy access to the inner machine components, simplifying maintenance.

The integrated step allows the use of any type of coffee cup.

Transparent rear cover of the water tank for an easy checking of water level and a magnet for an easy closing system.

Available in the coffee version only. Upon request, it can be equipped with Credit Coffee System, Energy Saving System, Electronic Kit.

The above are just some of the features that make "Ciao" a real jewel of the Italian technology.

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