Etiopia Yirgacheffe Mocca Floreal

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In the cup it is a coffee that is characterized by its characteristic floral notes similar to tea. Coffee with very fine acidity and body. Sweetness completes the cup of this excellent mountain coffee.

Origin: Etiopia Yirgacheffe
Typology: Arabica
Variety: Heirloom Varietals
Quality:Ethiopia Yirgacheffe G2
Harvest : October / December
Altitude: 1,700 - 2,200 meters
Processing: Washed - Sun dried - Hand selected
Cupping score SCA: 88.75






Product description

The coffee from Yirgacheffe, in the state of Sidamo in central-southern Ethiopia still grows wild in numerous indigenous varieties, is a special and unique coffee, elongated and slightly curved beans and very delicate floral notes.

This selection is among the best washed Arabica, prepared in such a way as to enhance its unique and refined flavors. Perfectly ripe cherries are harvested and stripped on the same day. Careful fermentation loosens the gelatinous fruit and the coffee is then washed in high mountain waters. The clean beans are gently dried on raised beds and moved frequently to avoid any sun burn.

This method gives a coffee with a very fine acidity, body and flavor, characteristics and enchanting floral notes similar to tea. One of the best coffee grown in the mountains.